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Top team toppled as SKOB land a blow

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

SKOB have dominated today’s game against Old Xavs and in the process sent a message to the rest of the competition that they are indeed serious contenders in 2019. With plenty at stake in this traditional clash, SKOB were very keen to make a statement and they did that from start to finish, running out 40 point winners at TH King today.

Kicking with the aid of a solid breeze in the first quarter SKOB made the most of the conditions booting 4 goals with it whilst restricting Xavs to a solitary minor score. It could have been even better for the home team given that they hit the post not once, but twice in the quarter, still the tackling and hardness at the ball was right up for SKOB as they set about their task with a high degree of vigour and desperation. A late goal from Kanakis was followed by another near the siren from Edgar as he dribbled one through and the home team went to the huddle satisfied with their first quarter effort. The general consensus was that the wind was worth 3-4 goals, but as one sage observer noted “you’ve still gotta kick em” so SKOB would have been happy to register their four goals to that point.

The message from the huddle was to keep working hard and to use run and carry up the creek side and take opportunities when they presented. Xavs started well when they had the use of the breeze and had a goal on the board within the first few minutes, but after that it was all SKOB. The tackling intensity lifted even further in the second term and SKOB were able to consistently cause turnovers from which they profited. Xavs seemed rattled at this point and were bombing the ball into their forward line which suited the SKOB defenders led by Sam Critchley and ably assisted by Phillips, Merrett and Ross who all had the better of their opponents in the quarter. Kanakis was helloing out down back, whilst on the ball, Wood, Sullivan and Andrews were dominating the contested ball and giving first use. SKOB were able to kick 3 team goals before Phil Edgar booted another late goal to make it 8.6 to 1.4 at half time.

Barnett kicked a very clever goal at the start of the second half as SKOB looked to put the game out of Xavs reach in the third term. With the aid of the breeze the game was in control of the home team and this was their chance to put their foot on the throttle. To their credit, Xavs lifted their work rate in the second half, but skob had most of the answers, with Barnett kicking another long goal and at one point the score blew out to 12 goals to one. The traveling fans were relatively quiet on the hill, although Xavs were able to grab a couple of goals before the bell to make things a little more interesting. 

With the breeze in the final term and with the sting out out of the game, Xavs were able to reduce the margin a little in the final term although skob played it right out to the end with tough tackling and relentless run and then a touch of class in the form of Phil Edgar’s goal where he spoiled his opponent and then on one step slotted through a major for the final dagger. 

In the shadows of a glorious sunny day, SKOB ran out comfortable winners to firm up their spot in the top 4 and grab a vital win over the competition leaders. A large crowd was on hand to cheer on SKOB and their supporters will have all left the ground happy by the time the bar closes at TH King tonight.

SKOB 13.8.86 Old Xavs 6.10.46

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