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Player Support Program



The Salt Financial and Michael Page Player Support Program


In 2014, SKOBFC launched the progressive Player Support Program to further strengthen our supportive and inclusive club culture.


In 2017, the Program continues to grow and provide players and the SKOB Community with much needed support, information sessions and community events.

In 2019 Salt Financial (a diversified financial services group located in Camberwell) and Michael Page became a key SKOB Sponsor and sponsor of the Player Support Program.

The three initiatives listed below that comprise the 'PSP' are designed not only to support the development of our current players, but also to increase engagement across the entire SKOB community.

1. Player Career Networking Assistance

To facilitate networking opportunities for SKOB players seeking career and professional development by coordinating their introduction to members of the SKOB community.

Check out our Employment Page for positions vacant and SKOBBERS seeking employment opportunities


2. Player Counselling Services

To provide players with voluntary and discounted access to strictly confidential and professional counselling support services to assist them in managing difficult issues such as mental health problems, drug and alcohol use, gambling problems, grief and trauma.

For assistance in this area please contact Anne Dunell (0402 010 147)


3. Community Involvement

The formal coordination of SKOBFC's support and assistance to the wider community, including providing support to St Kevin's College Football and through participation in broader community fundraising events and initiatives.

A big thank you to the members of the SKOB Community who when tapped on the shoulder have generously volunteered their time to assist our players.

For further information, please contact Michael Doble at


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