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There are two SKOB thirds sides (Green - U23 and Gold) playing in the Premier Thirds competition.

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Match Reports


Unlike the rapidly changing weather at TH King, the U23s were consistent across four
quarters in claiming a 76-point victory over Old Brighton on Saturday.

Determined to bounce back from a humiliating defeat away to Whitefriars last week, SKOB
made their intentions clear from the first bounce, with coach Phil McCormack sending in Big
Bodied Midfielder TM Angus Beaney to throw his weight around at the stoppages.
The personnel adjustment in the centre had an immediate effect, with Beaney providing a
strong foil to clearance king Harry Hopkins early on as SKOB controlled the stoppages.
The quarter time score of 2.4.16 to 0.1.1 wasn’t reflective of the home side’s complete
dominance, but the forward line began to click soon after.

Charlie Bryan (2 goals) presented well all day and took several strong overhead grabs in the
slippery conditions, while as always Christian Masson Moyle (3 goals) looked a cut above
with his ball skills in the wet.

However, neither player could claim to be the no. 1 forward target on the ground- Old
Brighton’s midfielders looked to kick the ball long to isolated full-back Ed Bourke at every

The disgraced English cricketer was often the only living entity in Brighton’s forward half,
with the SKOB backline’s complete control over the game allowing the likes of Pat Simkiss,
Jackson Doyle and Alex Connell attack aggressively from half-back.

Many of SKOB’s second-half goals were scored from chains started deep in defence, with
Ben Pearce and one of the VAFA’s most elusive creatures, the Mud-Caked Jack Davidson,
the key links. The pair found plenty of space and put their exquisite foot skills to good use.
Nick Gauci’s running power was on display, working up and down the ground brilliantly to
help SKOB steadily extend the margin, while Nick French played cleverly across half-forward,
classily finishing his work to wind up with three goals.

Tom Andriske was outstanding all day in the ruck, but was sadly unable to gel with his Old
Brighton opposite, giving away what some eye witnesses estimate was between 15 to 25
free kicks in the second half. To be fair to the former SKOB U19s star, he played most of the
match with three or four Brightonians hanging off him like the limpets on their famous
bathing boxes.

With close to a full-strength squad, pending Jake Langton’s recovery from a nasty cut during
the match, SKOB are in a strong position heading into the finals, with a trip to Fitzroy this
week before a big clash with Xavier to fight for a coveted top-two spot.

SKOB 13. 13. (91) defeated Old Brighton 2. 3. (15)

GOALS: French 3, Masson Moyle 3, Bryan 2, Hopkins 2, Pearce, Gauci, Davidson.
BEST: Andriske, Bryan, Gauci, Masson Moyle, Hopkins, Davidson.


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