Weeping Willows

Each year we send out a message asking our supporters to become members of the club.

SKOBFC have a proud history that has been built around supporters just like you that come to games, help out around the club and cheer from the sidelines. Some of you, also open your wallets and contribute by becoming a Weeping Willow.

If you have not done so already, I urge you to consider becoming a Weeping Willow. It is the best way that we can ensure our off field success, and we all know that this is also the best way to get on-field success.

This year we will be offering 6 levels of Willows membership:


Some of the benefits of supporting your club will be as detailed below:

  • Your choice of an item of selected supporters apparel ie: Cap or Scarf.

  • Tickets to game day lunches and for Platinum and Legends, tickets to the Grand Final Kooyong lunch

  • Tax deductibility of your donation if made through the Australian Sports Foundation;

  • $1,000 & $2,000 Willows members can have a players subs included in their payment;  

Note: Simply, payments made via the ASF offer the donor the ability to tax deduct the portion of the donation not used as a benefit to them. That is, if you DID NOT attend any functions or accept any merchandise you could potentially deduct the entire donation. HOWEVER, PLEASE SEEK YOUR OWN TAX ADVICE TO THIS EXTENT.