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SKOBFC played its first game in the Victorian Amateur Football Association in 1947 under the leadership of Coach Bill Douglas and Captain Michael Gleeson. SKOBFC was a home to past St Kevin’s students or their friends who wanted to play Australian Rules football to their standard, enjoy mateship and camaraderie and keep fit.

The link to the College and the ethos captured in the imagery of the “Weeping Willows” was strong. Nearly 75 years later SKOBFC is much more than just one team of old boys sharing a love of footy.


SKOBFC is now represented by 12 teams – three of which are women’s teams comprised of players who may have a prior connection to St Kevin’s College or SKOB players. The women’s teams play under the SKOB Saints banner.

SKOBFC has two senior teams, a Third XVIII, an Under 23’s, four Under 19 teams and an over 35 years Master’s team. Every weekend, over 250 adults from our community play AFL football. More than 50 Club volunteers work alongside paid professionals to bring out the best in this sporting endeavour. Not surprisingly, SKOBFC is considered to be one of the largest amateur AFL clubs in the country with around 400 registered players.

As SKOBFC has grown and matured, and more recently diversified, it has become evident that its connection to its community is a fundamental part of its core and operation. SKOBFC is now a leader in its community and works on focused programs with the City of Stonnington and its sponsors to improve the lives of those who need it. Programs are delivered by mostly younger SKOBFC players who benefit enormously from their participation and the mentoring that is embedded in these programs.


SKOBFC is indeed fortunate to be based at TH King Oval in Glen Iris. This venue is now the envy of the VAFA and other suburban football competitions. The Club Committee has identified that future upgrades of facilities will be required and there are opportunities to improve the use of the clubhouse facilities by the better utilisation of enhanced community programs.


As we approach our 75th year the Committee has created a Foundation that will promote the growth and development of sport by supporting the activities, players and future players of the SKOBFC, including the SKOB Saints women’s football teams.


Many members of our football community have come together to contribute to the launch of the Foundation and its vision for the future. The SKFF Giving Protocol provides a way forward to ensure the future security and development of football at St Kevin’s.


Supporting the Foundation is simple. You can make a donation and/or make a bequest. Whatever we can raise together, will make a difference no matter the size of the gift.


Our donors are listed on the Website and in the newsletter (unless they wish to remain anonymous) and the Foundation engages with donors to keep them informed of developments with the Club, and importantly ensure that their support is appropriately acknowledged.

If you are wanting to make a tax deductible donation you can always add on a tax deductible donation through the Australian Sport Foundation just click here  

Donors to the SKFF will be recognised at the following levels:

Donation Levels:

  1. Diamond - $25,000 plus

  2. Platinum - $10,000 plus

  3. Gold - $5,000 plus

  4. Silver - $2,000 plus

  5. Bronze - $1,000 plus

   6. Support - $100 or less


The Diamond Bequest society has been created to commemorate 75 years of St Kevin’s football. Its aim is to encourage people to support the club by making a bequest to the SKFF.

We invite you to consider leaving a gift in your Will to the St Kevin’s Football Foundation – to support and grow your football club and its activities. Making a bequest through your Will is a great way to support the Club that you love, and one which will importantly not impact your financial circumstances today. The SKFF will manage your bequest in accordance with your wishes. Bequests can be a share of an estate, cash, items of personal property or real estate.

In 2022, SKOBFC through the SKFF, is marking its 75th anniversary through the launch of The Diamond Bequest Program as a lasting legacy of this milestone year. Your bequest will support the many initiatives including the development of state of the art facilities and innovative educational personal development programs.

Including a gift in your Will to the Foundation – however big or small – is a great way to leave a lasting and meaningful legacy. Of course, in making a bequest we would encourage you to seek legal advice. In this respect we can assist you to find an experienced lawyer, should you require this assistance.

You can include a bequest to the St Kevin’s Football Foundation when you write your Will. If you already have a Will, you can add a codicil (a legal provision) to include the bequest. Importantly, you can choose to be public or private member of the DBS which offers a range of special activities for its members.

If your Will does not need to be reviewed and you would still like to make a bequest to the St Kevin’s Football Foundation, it is a simple matter to make a codicil to your existing Will.

Here is a sample of will wording

I give to the St Kevin’s Football Foundation Limited ABN 84 650 758 268 Level 18, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

_________% of my Estate



_________% of the residue of my Estate



I give to the St Kevin’s Football Foundation Limited ABN 84  650 758 268 the sum of $_________



………………… memorabilia described as _________________________ to be

used for _________________________ and I direct that the receipt of an authorised officer of the St Kevin’s Football Foundation Limited will be sufficient discharge to my Executors for this bequest

Making a bequest: 

Making a bequest is very easy to do. 

We encourage you to complete the Making a Bequest form below as this will help in the management of the DBP. 

Should you require additional information please email the Foundation at

We hope that you will consider joining the Diamond Bequest Society

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