2021 Coaching staff

Director of Coaching

Craig Jennings

Senior Coach
Guy Martyn

Senior Assistant Coaches

Paul Greenham

Dan Currie

James Strauss

Reserves Coach

Matt Murphy

James Kennedy

Reserves Assistant Coach

Will Browne

Premier Thirds Coach

Paul Di Natale

Premier Thirds Assistant Coach

Under 23 Coach

Phil McCormack

Under 23 Assistant Coach

Mark Wall

Coaching Coordinator Under 19

Tony Phillips

Under 19 Premier Coach

Phil McCabe

Assistant Coach

Damien Riska

Under 19 Premier Reserves Coach

Harry Long

Assistant Coach

James Goller

Under 19 (3) Coaches

Paul O'Shannassy

Tom Jok

Under 19 (4) Coach


SKOB Saints Premier Coach

Tom Purcell

SKOB Saints Premier Assistant Coaches

Ollie Stolz
Robin Bowles

SKOB Saints (Reserves)


Christian Strauss


Karen Nitschke

David Jones

SKOB Masters Coach

Steve O'Connor 

SKOB Masters Assistant Coach

Damien Ryan



Michael Doble

Vice President

John Paul Whitbread


Gerard Gleeson (snr)

General Manager  

Jim Gleeson

Registration Manager    

Peter Macdonald



Ray Short

Football Operations Manager
Michael Christian



Kane Bowden - Player Support Program

Steve Browne - SKOCA Delegate / GF Lunch / FMSC

Tim Corrigan - Rewards & Recognition / Strategy sub-committee
Sam Doyle - Player Support, Player Communication

Tony Duggan - Commercial Ops / Sponsor Mgt / Business Opportunities

John Fogarty - Website, Comms, Club Database

Lisa Ginies - Functions & Events Mgt 

Wade Keenan - Strategy sub-committee Chairman

Terry O'Halloran - Commercial Ops / Sponsor Mgt
Bridgette Snell - Communications and Saints liaison