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As the Club continues to grow in both size and stature, the SKOB Committee recognises its responsibility for ensuring appropriate standards of behaviour of Club members. Accordingly, it has decided to formally set in place a procedure for the handling of complaints or concerns regarding the alleged poor behaviour of Club members which may breach the updated Code of Conduct policy.  That policy is available for viewing by clicking here


The club has also developed an Events Policy which is available for viewing here:

Any Club member may make a complaint about the behaviour of fellow Club members to a Conduct Investigation Officer (CIO), who the Club will appoint for time to time.  Nick Brennan has agreed to act in that role initially and can be contacted via email  at If a complaint is made by a female member of the Club, then a suitable female CIO may be nominated.


The CIO will then investigate the allegation with the complainant and ascertain the way forward, whether that be informally via mediation or formally by way of a hearing before a Code of Conduct Committee , made up of suitably qualified senior members of the Club. In the event of a hearing before the Conduct Committee,  both the complainant and the other party will have the opportunity to be heard along with the report from the CIO.  The Committee will then make a recommendation to the full SKOB Committee (such as no further action, fine, suspension or expulsion from SKOB in extreme cases). The SKOB Committee may accept or reject the recommendation and will then advise the parties of its deliberation, with the member having certain rights of appeal which are set out in detail in the Club Constitution.


Needless to say, it is to be hoped that the Club will not need to draw on this mechanism to resolve any behavioural issues involving members of SKOBFC!

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