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Vale - Jim "Doc" Griffin

Dr Jim Griffin passed away on Tuesday night at the age of 97.

He was club doctor through the late 70's and into the early 1990s.

Jim had a massive effect on the SKOB players during this time. He had a number of sons play for the club.

Peter played 13 games, Tim 153 games, Stephen 57 games, Justin 51 games and there were some grandchildren including Eliza Brebner-Griffin who played with the Saints (foundation member) Alex Brebner-Griffin and Ben Griffin who played and is asst coaching now.

A wonderful and caring Dr that volunteered so much over a long period of time for the Club.

Medically, he attended so many games as Club Doctor - when such things were"unheard of". He had a great love for Carlton - but stayed each week to look after SKOB players.

Pioneeringly, he researched how ankles could be stabilized with heel-lock tape. Jim and his associate from Geelong got the latest USA advice to strap up players and allow them to play each week. Often players would go to his office on a Fri night after work - and wear the tape for 24 hours !

Jim Griffin was a gracious, reserved, super-intelligent man and a very devoted father.

SKOB were so lucky to have him

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