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SKOB celebrate Plugger's 250th in style

SKOB have soundly defeated Old Xavs at TH King this afternoon and in the process put a firm stamp on their credentials for 2018. In Plugger Lynch’s 250th game for the Club, the team celebrated in the best way possible by trouncing their old rival to the tune of 61 points.

In a highly anticipated clash Xavs jumped out of the blocks early and soon had the first goal on the board, but SKOB responded well, controlling the remainder of the quarter and starting to show some ascendancy. Sharp shooter Billy Kanakis continued his stellar form this season opening the SKOB tally with a nice goal, which was shortly followed by a goal to Shaun Kennedy who converted after a juggling grab. Then a third was added by Jack Holden shortly after and SKOB were away. There was some fierce contests as to be expected in a match of this caliber and as the game settled in, scoring became more difficult. Xavs had gained some ascendancy before a beautiful grab from Plugger at the 26 minute mark then a pass to Karageorgiou (aka sword) who slotted it nicely from a tight angle on the pocket gave SKOB’s 4th for the quarter. At the first break, SKOB led 4.2 to 1.1

The second term was much more of an arm wrestle as the clouds that had threatened at the quarter time break released a downpour shortly after the restart. With conditions getting more slippery, clean possessions were hard to come by, but after a clever kick off the ground, Karageorgiou managed to bounce one through and SKOB were away. The next ten or so minutes saw lots of rain and little scoring. Both teams were putting hard bodies on the line, and it wasn’t until SKOB had a fast break down the wing with the ball delivered to Jack Holden who bombed one through from 50. With only a few minutes left on the clock, Xavs started to gain some momentum and this was rewarded with a late goal. At half time, SKOB led 6.3 to 2.5.

The rains continued after the major break and the game got a lot closer. Xavs were inching their way back into the contest but couldn’t make it count on the scoreboard. A few wasted chances and some desperate defence from SKOB kept the visitors at bay before Lachie Sullivan who had goaled earlier in the quarter bobbed up at the 27 minute mark sharking the front of the pack and bouncing one through to give SKOB a great advantage and slow down the ascendancy that Xavs had built over the bulk of the third term. With the momentum back in their favour, SKOB went looking for another before the last break. Some desperate surge play brought the ball forward again and once more it was Lachie Sullivan using brute strength to extract the ball and kick a third goal for the quarter. In the shadows of 3/4 time Xavs looked to chew up the clock but a cross goal kick that was superbly intercepted by Shaun Kennedy who finished with a clinical goal, SKOB were back on top. Given that Xavs had controlled play for so long, it was a brilliant finish to the quarter from SKOB that left them with a solid break at the final term of 37 points.

Tom Kerr had a great debut in his first game for SKOB Seniors

The final term saw SKOB stretch right away. As the rain eased, there was no easing from the St. Kevins outfit as they poured on the goals. Sullivan again was amongst the action kicking the first of 7 before others got involved. Kanakis with a couple of goals and then Lagastes and Barnett hit the scoreboard. With the game dusted a beautiful passage of play was capped off with a pass to Best Man on the Ground - Plugger Lynch 10 metres out who marked and goaled to great applause from the healthy crowd. It was a great way to finish and to celebrate the career of the big #31. But he wasn’t done with yet, following up this effort with another mark in the square and goal. Xavs kept fighting to the end and kicked a couple of late ones, but SKOB were comfortable winners by 61 points in a dominant display.

Goal kickers were Sullivan 4, Kanakis 3, Holden 2, Karageorgiou 2, Kennedy 2, Lynch 2, Barnett, Lagastes

Best: Lynch, Sullivan, Cameron, Hodges, Gleeson, Kanakis

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