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It's a Tie - Jack Douglas Medal shared

and it's Brilliant Bree once again...

Another fantastic night at Platform 28 for the SKOB Best and Fairest Awards (Jack Douglas Medal and Lisa Ring Trophy). Again we had well over 200 in attendance witnessing and sharing the success of popular recipients across the grades and teams. Luke Winter and Cal Matheson tied for the Jack Douglas Medal (B&F) in the Men's Seniors, whilst Bree Doyle was once again awarded the Lisa Ring Trophy for Women's Premier Best and Fairest (for the 4th time - quite incredible). In one of the most popular presentations Rick and Vicki Hodges were jointly awarded the Michael O'Kelly Trophy for Best Clubman - make that couple! What a huge contribution they have made to SKOB not just this year but for a long time.

All award winners are listed below. With a full gallery of photos from the night.

Thanks to Phil Devlin and Dee Bergonzo from NPM and CREO who sponsored the night and assisted with the presentations and to Mark O'Reilly for hosting the event at Platform 28 in the city. After the brief speeches everyone enjoyed the chance to socialise and celebrate another great season.


Best Clubman Rick and Vicki Hodges

(Michael O'Kelly Perpetual Trophy)


Men’s Premier Awards

Leading Goalkicker : Shaun Kennedy

Best First-Year Player Rob Larcher

Coaches Award : Cameron Hodges

Best in Finals: Sam Critchley

Fifth Best & Fairest: Josh Tynan

Fourth Best & Fairest: Mitch Wallis

Third Best & Fairest: Sam Cameron

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Bill Coates

Best & Fairest : Luke Winter & Cal Matheson

(Jack Douglas Perpetual Trophy)


SKOB Saints Premier Awards

Coaches Award : Maggie McDonough

Leading Goalkicker : Kate Stanton

Best in Finals: Kate Stanton & Abi Bloom

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Sarah Betts

Best & Fairest : Bree Doyle

(Lisa Ring Perpetual Trophy)


Men’s Premier Reserve Awards

Coaches Award : Angus Hart

Leading Goalkicker : Zach Ginies

Best in Finals: Chris Gleeson

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Patrick Croagh

Best & Fairest : Christian Woolrich

(John Chapman Perpetual Trophy )


SKOB Saints Premier Reserve Awards

Coaches Award : Sophie Zielonka

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Brooke Stringer

Best & Fairest : Remi Fiorentini


Men’s Premier Thirds Awards

Coaches Award : Stacey Browckwell-Hahn

Leading Goalkicker : Joshua Willmott

Best in Finals: Will Cooper

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Alexander Dietz

Best & Fairest : Samuel Doyle

(John Allan Perpetual Trophy)


SKOB Saints Thirds Awards

Coaches Award : Pip Stephenson

Leading Goalkicker : Steph Augustes

Best & Fairest : Georgina McEwen


Under 19 Premier Awards

Leading Goalkicker : Oli Gill

Coaches Award : Harrison Trotter

Best in Finals: Liam Gunson

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Xavier Duke

Best & Fairest : Jack Palmer

Under 19 Division 2 Awards

Coaches Award : Alex Smith

Leading Goalkicker : Jack Luscombe

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Nick Dynan

Best & Fairest : Angus Kerr

Under 19 Division 4 Awards

Coaches Award : Ben Mahoney

Leading Goalkicker : Jack Hillyer

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Noah Pearce

Best & Fairest : Patrick Shaw


SKOB Masters Awards

Coaches Award : Dan Prior

Best Team Player : Joe Kelly

Best & Fairest : Sam Robertson

(Matthieu Lucas Perpetual Trophy)


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