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Vale - Alan Quaife - ex SKOB Coach

Alan Quaife - D Grade Grand Final Coach 1987

The SKOBFC community was saddened to learn of the passing this week of former coach Alan Quaife.

"Quaifey" passed away quietly this week after a short illness. He joined SKOB as coach in 1987 after the Club fell from C Grade the previous year. A handy footballer in his day, he played briefly for Fitzroy in the VFL in the mid 70s before turning his talents to coaching. He was a career coach, working at many clubs throughout a 20+ journey through the VAFA.

He was a veritable "Henry the VIII" of the VAFA world and made an impact wherever he went. Joining from MHSOB he took SKOB to the Grand final in D Grade and earned promotion in his first year. Ultimate success eluded the team as they went down by just 9 points in the Premiership decider that year. No doubt Quaifey was an interesting character, often spotted at training in his Brisbane Bears jumper with his flowing peroxide mullet a feature. He had a great influence on the formative careers (and hairstyles) of many SKOBBERS and was well liked. He remained with SKOB until 1989 and went on to coach Old Geelong - famously against St Kevin's in a thrilling draw at Como Park on the same day as the first ever May Day Ball, prompting the phrase "SKOB don't lose on MayDay Ball Day" to enter our folklore.

Quaifey lived out his days as a local legend down in Dromana working with the local community, and he was recognised in 2016 as Senior Citizen of the Year for his tireless volunteering and community service.

Vale - Quaifey

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