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Our thoughts for a few SKOB families

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

St Kevins Old Boys would like to send our thoughts to a few families in our community that could use them right now. The McArdles, the Martins and the O'Farrells.

Peter and the O’Farrell boys who attend St Kevin’s College and are great community family within the St Kevins and SKOBFC community.

Sally (O’Farrell’s) is in ICU after a MRI discovered a brain tumour following a seizure on Monday night.

An operation is scheduled on Tuesday to remove the tumour which is half the size of an orange. The doctors have advised they believe it has been there some time and it appears ‘reachable’.

Our thoughts are with Peter and their four sons as we pray for her recovery.

The grandson of Don Martin and John McArdle, Ben Martin( year 9 ) is having a 2nd brain operation on Thursday to remove a growing tumor & cysts. He & their families need our best wishes.

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