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Thanks - two legendary Saints

Sarah Cameron and Sophie Straford announced to the playing group that they are stepping down as Captains at TH King last night, and so it's with bittersweet emotion that we say thanks to a couple of giants of the SKOB Saints program with our fondest wishes and thanks for their contribution to our Club.

Sophie is off to work in the UK, whilst Sarah is stepping up to the VFLW for Williamstown this season - a challenge that she is more than ready for after a stellar career with the SKOB Saints. Both women have carved their names into the Saints folklore. Co-captains for the last 3 years (Sarah) and 5 years (Sophie), they have shared many highs including the last two VAFA Women's Premier Division flags.

"The Saints have been family since 2016. Riding the most incredible highs and tough lows with family has been everything." - Sophie

A full list of their achievements can be seen below - provided by our resident stats guru, Peter Macdonald - but they don't fully convey the impact both of them have had on the playing group, the coaches, the club and the supporters.

Coach Tom Purcell said, “Few players have given so much to the SKOBFC as Sophie and Sarah. Selfless and infectious with their love for their mates and the green, gold and blue.”

“The Saints have been one of the most important parts of my life for the last 3 years and I’m so grateful for the honour I had in leading such an incredible group of women. The success we had in 2022; 3 grand finals and 2 premierships, is something I’ll forever be proud of." - Sarah

Good luck to both of you - and thanks.


SARAH CAMERON 2017 - 2022

63 Games (All Played in Premier Division)

136 Goals

Co-Captain 2020 – 2022

Women’s Premier Division Premiership Player - 2019 & 2022

Leading Goalkicker SKOB Saints Premier - 2017 to 2022

VAFA Awards

Women’s Premier Leading Goalkicker - 2022

Premier Rising Star Award - 2017

Representative Football 2017 Big V v AFL Goldfields

2018 Big V v Adelaide FL

2019 Big V v AFL Goldfields

Women’s Premier Division Team of the Year


2021 (Captain)

2022 (Captain)


SOPHIE STRAFORD 2016 – 2022 (Foundation Player)

67 Games (All Played in Premier Division)

8 Goals

Co-Captain 2018 to 2022

Women’s Premier Division Premiership Player - 2019 & 2022

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