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Thanks to our volunteers

Brian Costar and David White cook the best BBQ

Community organisations do not exist without a lot of great work done by a great many, great people.

SKOB is blessed to have a huge number of people who understand the importance of doing a bit to help others. Indeed, like the entire Committee, volunteers understand the benefits of doing something for others. Volunteers benefit from a great sense of wellbeing – knowing that they have contributed to a worthy cause … encouraging participation of young men and women in a community football club that gives them a sense of belonging.

Every year we thank our great volunteers. In particular, this year I would like to thank a few people who go above and beyond to assist others.

Kate Di Natale, Louise Wood, Fi Sullivan, Committee member- Lisa Ginies and very often our No.1 Female ticketholder and donor – Lisa Ring - do an extraordinary job organising meals for players on Thursday night after training. Their actions help build a wonderful sense of community. Kim Whelan’s work as Club Doctor is extraordinary; Michael Fernon is exceptionally generous with his time whenever a legal matter confronts the club; Club legend Don Martin not only assists us greatly financially but is always seen putting away plastic chairs from the sidelines at THK games post game; Peter Hannan the best barman; Simon Olive is the most capable MC; Rick Hodges, Brian Costar and David White cook the best BBQ; Trish Doble is the best bookkeeper in the VAFA!!; Brian McGuinness, Tony Cross, Paul Shanley and Rhonda Hopkins all help run our Youth Mentor Program (assisting less fortunate youth in the community) and Sam Viti is the best organiser of logistics for women’s football.

In addition, I would like to thank those volunteers who are unable to assist next year. In particular, thanks to Abrahmo Lerado who has been a committee member and more recently – the timekeeper for the Seniors and Reserves. Family commitments mean he can’t assist in 2020. We thank Abrahmo for his great work.

Of course these are just a few people of the many who help. I am sorry that I could not mention everyone. Equally, hopefully I have not left anyone off the list.

Finally, if you can assist in 2020 – please reach out. Based on the theory that there are two types of people in the world: “lifters” (those who do stuff) and “leaners” (those who don’t) – the more lifters we have the better the club will perform.

A full list of our wonderful volunteers can be found here

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