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Streak stops at Seven as Lions too hot at the Trott

Updated: May 27, 2018

Collegians have inflicted the first defeat of the season on St.Kevins OB and in the process have joined SKOB at the top of the table with a 7-1 record following a win over their fellow grand finalists from 2017 at Harry Trott Oval this afternoon. 

In this highly anticipated top of the table clash it was Collegians who once again prevailed at home over their rivals  - repeating the result at Harry Trott from last year and in the process bringing them even with SKOB. The result reaffirming many pundits’ view that these two teams are likely to be there at the busy end of the season.

Harry Trott Oval was bathed in glorious late autumn sunshine for this huge clash and both sides came in confident and hungry for the highly anticipated contest. Although SKOB were missing some big names due to injury and VFL commitments they were buoyed by the return of key personnel and were able to put a strong team on the park.

From the opening bounce it was on in earnest and the standard of play was of the highest quality. St Kevin’s we’re having most of the play on their terms in the first quarter and were taking their chances. Playing fast flowing football they raced away to an early lead and were making an impact on the scoreboard. 

Collegians were a different team after the first break and SKOB started making errors. The home team showed cleaner skills and with the aid of a slight breeze started their comeback. At half time the home team had pulled away to lead by 15 points. 

I’m the third term skob got their game going again and we’re chipping away at the lead but the home side seemed to have the answer each time. As the players changed ends for the final break it was only 9 points the difference but the home team was kicking to the scoring end and it was going to be tough. 

The ex-Pres was a real hydration station for the troops - but all to no avail

Alas the toll of the first three quarters coupled with the home town crowd proved too much for skob to withstand in the final quarter. Collegians finished the stronger team and were worthy winners on the day. The final scores were 106 to 76 and despite the loss skob won’t lose any admirers with their performance. 

St Kevins OB    12.4.76

Collegians     15.16-106

Goal Kickers: B. Kanakis 3, V. Adduci 2, L. Sullivan, J. Holden, M. Di Natale, G. Gleeson, S. Kennedy, C. Hodges, S. Barnett Best Players: V. Adduci, J. Strauss, M. Brown, B. Kanakis, P. Karageorgiou, N. Wood

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