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SKOB legends reunite

The annual gathering of a group of SKOB Legends (self-proclaimed!) was held at the Flying Duck Hotel on AFL Grand Final Eve.

The history of this lunch started in 1983 with Mouth (Tim Arnold), Jughead (John Olle), Pup (Tim Corrigan) Harry (Mark Harrison) Mother (Nick Brennan) & Pat Flanagan (a CBC Hockey player!) - all old school mates decided to meet on the Friday prior to the AFL Grand Final for a long lunch. It started in SKOB sponsored pubs, the occasional restaurant then back to pubs- The Emerald, The Whale’s Cricketers Arms, Laurie Taberner’s Rising Sun Hotel, Star & Gartner, Curley’s Golden Fleece, The Flying Duck.

Numbers vary every year but it is a great catch up-open to everybody and a great day to reminisce about old times and what a great Club the SKOBFC is. This year was particularly special as we celebrated the Club’s first A Grade Premiership in our 70 year history - when you look at what the group has contributed to SKOBFC over a long period of time, you can understand why it was so special! There is over 3,365 SKOB games and so many awards and positions of responsibility that this group has given to SKOBFC – it really shows what a great Club we all belong to!

Here is a summary of those who attended

Seated L-R

  • Peter “Trunka” Campbell. Only 76 games (injuries cut short his career) a talented, athletic player, his brother Brendan”Butch” (230 games)was a champion also.

  • Bob Lodge- 50 games. Played A Grade at Collegians for a couple of years when SKOBFC was in D Grade. A tough half back flanker. His son Matthew (8 games) played with SKOBFC a couple of years ago. Now living and working as a Physician up in Bryon Bay. His father was one of the original players at SKOBFC in 1947.

  • Steve “Weasel” Mercovitch- 0 games but one of the great supporters. He was Publican at the Flying Duck and Sorrento Hotel with Rob Pitt- also one of the legendary performers at the SKOB Revue’s during the 1980’s.

  • Tim “Pup”Corrigan- 167 games, Life Member, Best Clubman, President, Committeeman, Coach of Club XV111, Old Collegian’s Trophy, VAFA Certificate of Merit, VAFA Ambassador. His brother John (Dog) played 62 games

  • Steve “Butsy” Butler-157 games, Life Member, Secretary, Committeeman, Club XV111 organizer, Best Clubman

  • Peter “Happy” Hannan-164 games, Triple Senior B&F Winner, 4 time Leading Goal kicker, VAFA State Player, VAFA Ambassador, Premiership Coach at Whitefrier’s and Senior Coach at De La Salle and State Representative Coach. Second best #55 at the Club after Tom Jok!

  • Mark “Trols” Treloar- 143 games, Committeeman, SKOBFC Masters player and AFL Hong Kong player.

  • Cheyne “Mons” Sherman- 20 games, Committeeman, Team Manager, Coach Club XV111. His son Matt (28 games)played at SKOBFC

 Standing L-R

  • Brendan “Dymock” Duffy- 0 games, Reserves Runner & Team Manager. Great Club supporter & sponsor.

  • Don Martin- 219 Games, President, 2 X Leading Senior Goal kicker, Life Member, Senior B&F, Chairman of Selectors, Reserves Premiership Player, Committeeman, Treasurer, Best Clubman winner, VAFA Certificate Of Merit, Old Collegian’s Trophy, started at OSKOBFC as a 16 year old in 1962.

  • John “Jughead/ The Coroner” Olle- 144 games, SKOBFC  Captain and B&F Winner, SKOB Poet, father Allan was one of SKOB’s great coaches, John was a leader in every sense during tough times.

  • Ian “Feather” Featherstonhaugh- 0 games- went to SKC where Tennis & Rowing were his sports. A great SKOBFC supporter. Lives in Beechworth running the Beechworth Bakery.

  • Mick “Doc” Dowd- 53 games, Committeeman, Team Manager, Best Clubman, Reserve’s B&F. His sons Ben (200 games) & Pat (145 games) were great SKOB players in recent years.

  • Steve “Stiffy” Nolan- 36 games (all good ones according to him) Worked in the hospitality trade, ran the Victoria Hotel where the first SKOB Revue was held in 1978. SKOBFC football career halted when transferred to West Australia. Came back in the 1990’s and was a very active Committeeman running all the Sponsorship programs.

  • Mark “Harry” Harrison- 109 games, Committeeman. Interstate work commitments put an end to his career. Now lives in Brisbane and attends the lunch every year.

  • John “Curly” Allan- 243 games, President, Life Member, Capt. /Coach Club XV111, Capt./Coach Reserve’s, VAFA Certificate of Merit, Old Collegian’s Trophy, Best Clubman, SKOBFC Thirds/Club 18 Trophy named after him.

  • Terry Gaven- 173 games, Premiership Capt./Coach Reserve’s, Chairman of Selectors

  • Jim “Jimma” Simpson- 162 games, Life Member, Committeeman, Reserve’s Premiership Player, Reserve’s B&F. His brother Andrew (Acka) played 150 games

  • Brendan “Wally” Millar- 178 games, Committeeman, Club XV111 Capt. /Coach, Under 19 Coach, life Member, Best Clubman.

  • Robert “Boz” Hawkins- 360 games (SKOBFC Games Record Holder), Life Member, Committeeman ,Reserve’s Premiership Player, Capt./Coach Reserve’s, 3 time Reserve’s B& F, SKOBFC Best First Year Player Trophy named in his honour. His brother Greg played 72 games.

  • Tim “Mouthwash” Arnold- 301 games, Life Member, Best Clubman, Committeeman, Old Collegian’s Trophy, Reserve’s Premiership Player.

  • Tony Cruise- 75 games, Committeeman, Treasurer, Team Manager, has had his two boys Jack (86 games) & Harry (26 games) played in recent years.

  • Nick “Mother” Brennan- 214 games, Life Member, Committeeman, Vice-President. His son David(15 games) also played at SKOB

  • Tim Mornane- 89 games, Reserve’s Premiership Player, one of the great SKOB character’s

  • Pat Duffy- 141 games, Senior B&F winner. One of SKOB finest Backman/defenders.

  • Wayne Low- 91 games, Senior Goal kicking winner, one of the most talented players of his era, his son Hamish(31 games) played with SKOB.

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