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Saints be praised - Gold Girls Graduate to GF

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

The Saints GOLD team have come from behind to win a thrilling Second Semi Final, defeating Old Trinity by three points at Daley Oval today.

Trailing by 10 points halfway through the third term, the Saints booted 2.2 to 0.1 for the remainder of the game to hold on in a terrific display of Women's footy.

In front of a very healthy crowd with plenty of travelling supporters, the Saints looked nervous early on and failed to trouble the scorers in the first term. Importantly though, they managed to keep their opponents goalless in the opening quarter - despite their dominance - and started to gain their own momentum in the second term. Sarah Cameron snapped a great goal from a pack to get the Saints going and at half time the margin was 3 points in favour of the home team Old Trinity.

OT then had the better of the early exchanges in the second half when they converted a goal after a strong pack mark taken right in front. Given the tightness of the contest, scoring was always going to be a premium and a 10 point advantage at this point was looking ominous. But the Saints hit back and with repeated forward 50 entries from the likes of Joyce and Staford, they were finally able to make it count, courtesy of a Gleeson double, as she took charge of the contest up forward.

SKOB had eked out a 2 point lead at the final change. The coaching staff predicted that one goal might just break it, and they were close to spot on. Early in the last quarter Asha Mendel won a free kick close to goal, but her kick from the angle slewed slightly for a behind. Oddly enough this was the last of the scoring as both sides desperately shifted the ball from end to end, but each teams defence was resolute. It was some desperate defending by the Saints that saved the day as Trinity mounted one final assault. The ball was cleared up to the wing, where SKOB were able to create a couple of stoppages to milk the clock and finish in front at the final siren.

They now move on to the Grand Final in two weeks, and given the quality of today's opponent, might well find themselves battling Old Trinity again in a fortnight, but the important piece is that the Saints are there...

Read the full match report on the Saints Page

Old Trinity . 0.4 1.5 2.7 2.7-19

St Kevins . 0.0 1.2 . 3.3 3.4-22

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