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Pride Round is coming - June 3

Mark your calendars for June 3rd and join us for St Kevin's Saints Women's Football Team's second consecutive Pride Round at TH King Oval! It's a triple-header against Kew Football Club, (a grand final rematch for the Women’s Seniors) with the following matches:

  • Women's Thirds (Greens) - 9:20am

  • Women’s Reserves (Blues) - 12pm

  • Women’s Seniors (Golds) - 2pm

Beyond the action on the field, indulge in a delightful luncheon from 12pm at TH King, immerse yourself in vibrant festivities, and wrap up the day with the Mardi Gras after-party. Let's come together to celebrate love, diversity, and the spirit of inclusivity.

Use the link below to book tickets for the lunch or to book a spot on the bus to the after party at Emerson.

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