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Leadership, life and positive psychology lessons at TH King

Last night at TH King the SKOB community were extremely fortunate to have renowned speaker, leadership mentor, life coach and adviser, SKC and SKOB father Ben Crowe talk to the Club.

After 25 years in the sports & entertainment industry Ben has extensive experience working across athletes, teams, federations, stadiums, sponsors, and government. He has worked with some of the world’s most famous individuals. He was fresh off a plane from Russia speaking to 500 business leaders when he got to us.

Now Ben works closely with business leaders, Federal Governments, coaches & athletes across the globe assisting them develop a competitive advantage – but also create a life that balances achievement with fulfilment.

He had some counter intuitive principles behind successful teams and leaders – unpacking purpose, connection and performance mindsets.

For me, his explanation of how Roger Federer’s counter intuitive focus on gratitude, humility and humour has enabled him to become the No. 1 tennis player in the world was fascinating and poignant. Humility is something we often refer to at the club (“win with humility, lose with grace”); gratitude is a cornerstone philosophy of positive psychology (if you are thankful for what you have you are on the path to contentment and therefore happiness) and humour (self-deprecation and the ability to laugh at yourself are key to self acceptance and a step toward vulnerability).

He talked about vulnerability and the fact that it leads to compassion and displays leadership.

He led two of our senior players to share stories of “three H’s”: Hardship, Highlights and a Hero in their lives. The vulnerability displayed was an extraordinary part of the learning for the group.

He reminded us that no one is perfect. He reminded us to self accept by saying to ourselves “I am enough”. Do not let social media imply otherwise.

He reminded us that fulfilment is more important than achievement.

He reminded us that drugs and alcohol are often used to screen feelings of pain (mainly in relationships or sense of worth). He confirmed the view that if the purpose of a night out and a few drinks is to connect with friends – fine. Once those drinks go beyond reason – people should be honest with themselves.

He confirmed by multiple examples that great organisations thrive because they have a great purpose. It was therefore comforting to subsequently discuss that point with some club leaders (Past President etc) and feel satisfied that cornerstone philosophies of the club include reference to being “an open and inclusive club that develops players on and off the field”. Our Player Support Program is central to this aim. “We aim to create a community that is responsible and respectful of all”. Our Youth Mentor Program is a great manifestation of this. These are central to OUR purpose for being. 

These are not just sport or football lessons – these are critical life lessons.

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