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Jack Douglas Medal - B&F winners announced

A fabulous night at Platform 28 for the SKOB Best and Fairest Awards (Jack Douglas Medal). Over 200 in attendance saw fantastic presentations and popular recipients across the grades and teams. Luke Winter took home the Jack Douglas Medal (B&F) for the Men's Seniors, whilst Bree Doyle was awarded the Lisa Ring Trophy for Women's Premier Best and Fairest (for the 3rd time - a remarkable achievement). It was a big night for the Doyle family, with brother Sam Doyle awarded the Michael O'Kelly Trophy for Best Clubman - a truly worthy recipient. He also took home the B&F in the Men's Thirds!

All award winners are listed below. With a full gallery of photos from the night.

Thanks to our tremendous SKOB sponsor Mark O'Reilly for hosting the event at his venue in the city. It was a great location for the event and everyone enjoyed the chance to socialise and celebrate a wonderful season.


Best Clubman Samuel Doyle

(Michael O'Kelly Perpetual Trophy)

Old Collegians Football Award Kim Whelan


Men’s Premier Awards

Leading Goalkicker : Patrick Kerr

Best First-Year Player Benjamin Mansfield

Coaches Award : William Coates

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Michael Pisker

Best & Fairest : Luke Winter

(Jack Douglas Perpetual Trophy)


SKOB Saints Premier Awards

Coaches Award : Margaret Gleeson

Leading Goalkicker : Sarah Cameron

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Elyce Hay / Eliza Straford

Best & Fairest : Bree Doyle

(Lisa Ring Perpetual Trophy)


Men’s Premier Reserve Awards

Coaches Award : Thomas Pirola

Leading Goalkicker : Christian Masson Moyle

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : James Jaensch

Best & Fairest : Sam Crowe

(John Chapman Perpetual Trophy )


SKOB Saints Premier Reserve Awards

Coaches Award : Izzy McBeth Jephcott

Leading Goalkicker : Elise Thurman

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Elise Thurman

Best & Fairest : Katherine Viti


Men’s Premier Thirds Awards

Coaches Award : Joshua Peake

Leading Goalkicker : Joshua Willmott

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Angus Beaney

Best & Fairest : Samuel Doyle

(John Allan Perpetual Trophy)


SKOB Saints Thirds Awards

Coaches Award : Remi Fiorentini

Leading Goalkicker : Bridie Howard

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Ruby Atkin

Best & Fairest : Lucy Kehoe


Under 19 Premier Awards

Leading Goalkicker : Thomas Williams

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Zach Dowd / Jack Palmer / William Pfeiffer

Best & Fairest : Liam O’Neill

Under 19 Division 2 Awards

Coaches Award : Sam Whelan

Leading Goalkicker : Ben Griffin

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Harry Kirkwood

Best & Fairest : Matthew Adams / James Collier

Under 19 Division 4 Awards

Coaches Award : Thomas Whelan

Leading Goalkicker : Luke Augerinos

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Hamish Macmillan / Ben Mursalo

Best & Fairest : William Keely


SKOB Masters Awards

Coaches Award : Andy Hii

Leading Goalkicker : Jack Mullen

Runner-Up Best & Fairest : Christopher Kuchel

Best & Fairest : Ricky Caldow

(Matthieu Lucas Perpetual Trophy)


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