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Henry Parkes - 100 Games

Henry Parkes will play his 100th game for SKOBs this weekend. Henry joined SKOBs in 2012 after a successful football career at SKC where he was a member of the 2011 APS Premiership side. Other members of that 2011 Premiership side at St Kevin’s included William Coates, Sam Critchley Billy Kanakis, Callum Matheson, Chris Gleeson, Gerard Gleeson, Shaun Kennedy, Lachlan Nankervis, Conor Ross, James Stewart, and Jason Salopek. SKOBs did very well from that particular SKC team!!

Henry went straight into the Senior team where he won the Goal Kicking Award and played U19 VAFA representative football. He won the Goal Kicking award again in 2013 and has now kicked 185 goals in his 5 full seasons with SKOB and is quickly closing in on 200 goals.

He was a member of both the 2015 B Grade and the 2017 A Grade Premiership team.

Team mate Lachlan 'Nank' Nankervis was kind enough to pen a few words for

This weekend we celebrate a SKOB favourite in Henry Parkes’ 100th game for the club. Henry joined the club in 2012 after setting the school record for the most goals kicked in a single season in 2011 in his final year at school.

Henry found himself straight into the seniors in his first year and hasn’t looked back since. He played a huge role in both the 2015 and 2017 premiership teams, whilst also winning the club goal kicking multiple times. Henry / H / Parkesy / Holiday / Harry / Pistol is a much loved member of the club with many different nicknames and can always be seen at training both before and after working on his craft. His positive outlook and approach to his football is something many aspire to mirror.

I know I speak for all of us here at SKOB when I say we wish Henry the very best for this Saturday and are hoping the boys get the win in what is a big weekend for the club. Good luck Henry!


Four SKOBBERS have reached or are about to reach the 50 games milestone with SKOB.

Tom McDonald and Michael Davy achieved the milestone earlier in the seasonBoth Tom and Michael joined SKOBs in 2013 and have played Under 19s and Thirds football and are both currently playing with the Thirds Gold team.

Alex Favaloro and Brayden Hayes reach 50 games this weekend. Alex joined SKOBs in 2015 and is currently playing for the Thirds Green team while Brayden joined SKOBs back in 2013 and is with the Thirds Gold team.

Congratulation to all four players on reaching their 50 games with SKOB.

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