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Good Grub for Christmas

This Christmas SKOB is supporting a great community initiative: “Good Grub” in the Boroondara Community Outreach.

Good Grub is a mental health ministry supporting people who are socially isolated or living with a mental illness, to live with dignity and engage in community. Many of the participants come from the Stonington Council area as well. It was established by the Uniting Church in 1993 and Good Grub is situated in Kew.

Christmas is a time of celebration, reflection, family and giving. However many in the  Good Grub Community do not have contact with family nor the financial resources to celebrate Christmas.

With the support of SKOBFC,  Good Grub will provide this community with a warm and welcoming place to celebrate Christmas through their Christmas Party, Christmas Day lunch and Christmas hampers.

Players can  help pack the hampers if they wish, give out the hampers or even attend Christmas day lunch.  We are hoping to be able to provide at least 30 hampers from SKOBFC  to the vulnerable in our community.

Accordingly, we are hoping players, members and supporters will bring grocery items to pre season training before Christmas. Pretty easy thing to do  but will make a massive impact.

Specific items that are needed

•             Short bread

•             Ready made microwave meals

•             Pastas and Rice meals

•             Single served Tinned fruit

•             Muesli/Nut bars

•             Dry biscuits

•             Pens

•             Diaries

•             Mugs

•             Singe served tinned meals (tuna/ham/chicken/smoked salmon

•             2 minute noodles

•             Coffee small jars

•             Small UHT milks

•             Cereals/Porridge sachets/Cornflakes/weetbix

•             Meals in a tin

•             Up and Go drinks

•             Spaghetti in tins

•             Toilet paper

•             Toiletry products

If you can help – please drop your goods off at training at SKC Tooronga Sports fields after 6.00pm on a Tuesday or Thursday prior to Christmas. The last date is December 17.

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