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New Committee

Updated: Mar 4, 2018

New Committee for 2018 finalised.


I am writing this message to all current members, players and supporters of SKOB. 

After a break through Premier Division Premiership in 2017 we are all back at work preparing for 2018. We planning for sustained, long term success.

A new committee has been formed and we have held an initial meeting.

We welcome a new face in Brian Lynch (Treasurer) and familiar faces like Simon Olsen, Tim Corrigan and John Fogarty back onto the committee.

The 2018 SKOB Committee is as follows:

  1. President: Michael Doble

  2. Vice President: JP Whitbread

  3. Vice President: John Di Natale

  4. Treasurer: Brian Lynch

  5. Secretary: Simon Olsen

  6. General committee:

  • Daniel Kennedy

  • Tim Corrigan

  • John Fogarty

  • Peter Macdonald

  • Michael Christian

  • Steve Browne

  • Paul Murphy

  • Eliza Brebner Griffen

  • Dean Staffieri

  • Lisa Ginies

  • Ray Short

At the same time we have to thank departing Committee members Lisa Ring, Tony Cruise and Jonathan O’Donoghue. Both will still be prominent around the club. Lisa, no doubt, taking the best photos in the VAFA while Jonathan will be taking a lead role in assisting us better manage our terrific network of sponsors.

Finally, can I point out that each and every committee member assumes direct responsibility for a specific area of operation within the club. In a volunteer organisation we need volunteers to assist them. It will be greatly appreciated if you have any interest, desire or ability to assist the club you could reach out. To that extent, Brendan Millar (a club legend & Life Member) has agreed to act as Volunteer Co-ordinator in 2018. If you can register your interest (or encourage a family member to register) via email ( it will assist the club greatly.


Michael Doble SKOB President

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