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A couple of masterful milestones

This Sunday, we have a couple of milestones for the Masters game against Hillside.

Peter Murray & Ray Short both bring up their 150th games for SKOB.

Ray came to the club from Assumption College and debuted in 2005. On field “Shorty” has been a great ruckman that can pinch hit up forward tasting

premiership success in the Club XVIII in 2005, Thirds in 2010 and Masters in 2018, as well as captain and captain-coach roles in the Club XVIII.

Off field Ray has contributed greatly to the club serving on the committee since 2016 and playing an important role co-founding the Masters in 2016.

A clever and crafty small forward, Peter Murray joined the club straight from the college and played in the u/19 team in 2002 that finished runners up. Pete went on to be vice-captain of the reserves premiership side in 2007 and captained the reserves from 2008 to 2010.  In 2013 Pete was playing-coach of the thirds and in 2014 was co-coach of the thirds. In 2018 Pete tasted premiership success again in the Masters.

All at SKOB salute Ray & Pete on their milestones and thank them for their service to the club on and off field.

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