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2019 SKOB Committee

New Committee for 2019 finalised.

After our spectacular 2018 season – we are aiming high again in 2019. Plenty of work has been going on in the background with the Committee putting a lot of energy into every aspect of the Club.

The committee and management of the club comprises the following people:

President: Michael Doble

Secretary: Simon Olsen

Treasurer: Brian Lynch

Vice President: JP Whitbread – Football Management; Sponsorship; Player Support Program (PSP)

Vice President: John Di Natale – Game Day operations; Finals Preparation Sub Committee (FPSC)

Tim Corrigan: VAFA Relations Manager

Peter Macdonald: Registration Secretary

Steve Browne: GF Lunch; FMSC;

Paul Murphy: Functions & Strategy

Lisa Ginies: Bar, Functions, Food & Catering

Ray Short: Masters

John Fogarty: Website, Willows & Data Base

Stephen Gilham: Communications; FMSC

Sam Doyle: Player Liaison; PSP;

Jim Gleeson: Apparel – player and off field

Daniel Kennedy: General Manager

Michael Christian: Director - Football Management Sub Committee (FMSC); FPSC

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