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Candidate Profiles for President

We have two nominations for the role of President for 2022.

A short summary has been provided by each candidate and can be read below.

Michael Doble


The role of President requires a knowledge of (and ability to manage) all aspects of a club.
Success follows diligent management and strategic thinking. Given SKOB has been one of the strongest clubs in the VAFA for some years - it is clear that we have succeeded. Success has
been spread across all aspects of the club.
We have built strong teams that have delivered on field success. Twelve teams, many finals
and premierships reflect this. More players are involved - enjoying more success.

All great organisations need clarity of purpose and values. Based on feedback from many - we
have been successful in this regard.
Financial strength is vital too. Sponsors are critical. Without sponsors player subscriptions would
increase. Recently, we have attracted multiple sponsors - many with no “natural” connection to
SKOB (raising hundreds of thousands of dollars) that has helped us keep player subs low (and
the ability to offer players discounts in 2022). A tangible history of attracting sponsors is the
critical issue.

We have built a tremendously inclusive culture. Our multiple U19 teams (catering to all
standards) and our women’s program are examples. It is my particular joy to be the founder of the Saints program - having started the work in 2015 and recommending the initiative to the
Committee. That work included gaining entry to the VWFL (then the VAFA), finding grounds, a
coach, players, sponsors and volunteers.
Briefly, I also refer to my complete and thorough grasp of our financials and risk management
(aided by a complementary professional background); management of a close relationship with Stonnington (delivering access to Righetti without which the Saints would not have a great
ground; and an oval for our Thirds to train on); being the founder of the Youth Mentor Program
having raised all the sponsorship funds and in-bedding the program in relevant teams; and I
have enhanced strong relationships with the VAFA.

Many in the player group will be aware of the work done in regard to player support. I have
reviewed CV’s, mentored and found players employment. This will continue if re-elected.
If re elected, I will continue the work of recent years - particularly on the St Kevins Football
Foundation (a new entity that is creating a fund that will secure the club’s long term financial);
growing our database (to better communicate with our community); and the imminent relaunch
of our Player Support Program (the player welfare program that assists with mentoring,
employment and mental health).

Finally, I am happy to say that I have received the guarantee of support from the overwhelming
majority of the proposed 2022 General Committee and office bearers (having supported,
proposed or seconded all bar one of the candidates). Equally, numerous past SKOB Presidents and Office holders, Life Members, members and supporters along with donors and sponsors have explicitly expressed their support for me to continue as President. Their well informed, simple message is that they see no reason for the Club to change course now.

Lisa Ginies


I first came down to SKOBFC in 2011 when my oldest son, Zach finished school and then my
youngest, Andy, joined us in 2015. I have volunteered and then sat on your committee, virtually
since I walked down the path to TH King. To see the camaraderie within the players at Thursday
night dinners is a fantastic feeling and makes me so proud to be part of a very special place that
we all hold dear.

I can sit here and tell you what committees, boards and charities, I have and still do sit on, but
that is not really what you are interested in, I’m sure you would be more concerned in what I will
do and bring for the great SKOBFC in the future. I can guarantee you, I will work with my team,
your committee to bring SKOBFC back to being an inclusive community and to concentrate on
what we are, and that is a football club.

I believe your committee, your community, your football club, we should and will, all be
accountable for decisions made on your behalf.

Transparency is really what is needed and our
team will bring you that. Perhaps you have suggestions, email them and they will be brought up at
committee level and reported back. We work as a team and I can assure you we will bring
SKOBFC back to being not only one of the biggest, but the best Australian rules Football club in

Our members are very important and coming up to the 75th Anniversary, the subcommittee would
love feedback from all of you, to make this one spectacular, very special event. History is
everything, and we know all of you will bring something to this very auspicious event.


Our sponsors, we will be working very hard for you and with you to guarantee you are getting
value for your sponsorship dollar.


Our players, well without them we don’t have a football club. These young men and women are
the talent that you all watch, support and cheer on, they are the future leaders, future committee
and we don’t want to lose anyone as they are all part of the fabric that makes up SKOBFC. We
will be working harder to bring more fun, more player driven events, more inclusiveness and a
larger sense of community to you all.

I want to lead a committee that will work for you. 

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