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Vale Michael Bergin

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Great SKOB supporter for well over the last decade and more, Michael Bergin has passed away - at 99.

He is the grandfather of Hugh Bergin who played for SKOB in the 00’s. Michael Bergin’s sons Anthony, Michael (deceased many years ago) and Peter attended SKC.

He had been a very regular supporter of SKOB, at the matches, standing or sitting on the terraces, for the past decade or so (apart from the past year when he has been ageing), often with his son Peter (ex-SKC), and always with many SKOBFC supporters coming up and spending time talking with him. So many supporters know him from his attendance there. He was a well known fixture at TH King and will be missed by the SKOB community.

Funeral prayers will be held at the Springvale Cemetery on March 10 from 12:15.

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