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Steve Davey Memorial Maiden to run this Sunday

As many of you know by now, Life Member, Former Vice President and 1976 Reserves premiership player Steve “Great White Honky” Davey passed away rather suddenly in Perth some six weeks ago at the age of 66. Steve was as passionate a Skob supporter as you would find and even flew across the country to watch last year’s attempt at a threepeat. A wonderfully positive character, a long time committeeman and a terrific ambassador for amateur football, he will be sadly missed by many generations of Skobbers. In his honour a horse race will be run in Kalgoorlie and the inaugural running of this prestigious event (The Stephen Davey Memorial Maiden) will take place this Sunday at 1.02pm sharp (WA time)

. Many ex-SKOBs chipped in to cover the cost of sponsoring the race and there will be a number of his friends and colleagues on course to witness it run for the first time on Sunday. It will also be telecast live on SKY and broadcast through the Racing Radio network. The race (and its title) will appear in the West Australian newspaper, the TabForm, and on all Corporate betting sites throughout Australasia. Steve will get a mention in all the media previews. The race will be telecast live on SKY and I will ensure that the commentator (Dave Sheehan) is able to say a few words about Steve, which will go nationwide, on FOX and through every TAB agency in Australia. Two of Steve’s good mates in Perth are both from Kalgoorlie originally – hence the connection. A photo of him with one of their horses will  appear in the racebook, with some explanatory words as to who he was, and the fact that the race is sponsored by his former team mates at SKOB. One of his mates  will make a speech and present the trophy to the winning connections, obviously recalling Steve, his life, and his association with the Turf and Kalgoorlie generally. There will also be an article in the local paper explaining the significance of the race. We are envisaging that the event become an annual one and we have almost enough money for three years. Hope everyone can tune in!

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