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Prez gets the Prize

Michael Doble displays his Volunteer award with Carolyn Clark OAM (left) and Katie Allen MP (right)

We are very fortunate at SKOB to have a capable and hard working President to lead our club. Michael is a humble man and would never seek any public recognition of his tireless work so he was surprised and a bit confused when he received a letter asking him to attend the Higgins Community Service Awards recently.

Michael and his equally hard working wife, Trish (pictured below) went along and to Michael’s surprise he was presented with a Community Service Award by the Federal member for Higgins, Katie Allen in front of a packed Malvern town hall. Michael was recognised for his work with this club, with the youth mentoring program and for his strong support and contribution to the growth of women’s football. Well done Mr. President, we’re proud of you.

Michael and Trish Doble

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