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'Plugger' reaches 250 games

Congratulations to St Kevin’s Old Boy Anthony ‘Plugger’ Lynch who will bring up game number 250 in the Seniors clash with Old Xavs on Saturday. ‘Plugger’ played his first game with SKOB’s back in 2003 while still at St Kevin’s College where he captained the First XVIII football side.

In his first full year with SKOBs in 2004, he quickly earned promotion to the Senior team where he has now played all his football. Now in his 8th season as Senior Captain, ‘Plugger's’ career highlights include a B Grade Premiership in 2015 and the Club’s first A Grade Premiership last season.

Along the way, he has won the Senior B & F Award in 2010 and 2013 and was Runner-Up in 2008. He has played Senior VAFA Representative Football for 5 seasons, including captaining the B – Div 4 sides in 2013 and 2015. ‘Plugger’s’ outstanding contribution to the Club was rewarded with Life Membership in 2015.

Well done ‘Plugger’

A note from the Co-Skipper Nick Wood

I’m not going to start this tribute with all the countless heroics and special on field performances that Anthony ‘Plugger’ Lynch has shown throughout his 16 years at SKOB, mainly because everyone already knows about them…

What I do want to talk about in depth is the amazing energy and passion that this man has put into this footy club off the field, over a 250-game span. Plugger is the kind of person that people gravitate towards and want to be around, no not because he is funny, and everyone knows he is good for a laugh (sorry mate), but because he is genuine, wants the best for others and has a real passion for building meaningful relationships with people. I can confidently say that Plugger would know 95% of players name at the club and for at least 3/4 of them he would know what they study or what they do for a crust.

The amount of lattes this guy has purchased in his time for u/19s, current players having an average time, Old SKOBS and potential recruits is astonishing, I am serious when I say he would buy on average 1 x SKOB related latte per day. The best part about this though is that he doesn’t see that making sure everyone is ok and happy as a chore, he has a real passion for it and wants to do this type of thing for the club and for the individuals themselves.

Plugger has been the best senior football captain I have every played with and I would be very surprised if any other players beg to differ, even those who have played in the AFL. His drive to push the group during the week at training, in team meetings/video reviews and also ask the boys to give back to the SKOB community in various ways is something to be admired.

Countless people from other footy clubs that have crossed paths with Anthony always seem to report back to me saying ‘What a stand-up person that Lynch is’ or ‘I wish we had a leader like that at our club’. Plugger is a bloke that people jump on the back off and want to follow, a sign of a great leader. I will finish off with how much of an honour and thrill it has been to run around with you on a Saturday for my 80 odd games.

On the field Plugger makes other players stand taller due to the re-assurance knowing he is out there with them and he has their back. A large reason for our 2015 and 2017 premierships was because he was out there playing his always combative, physical and vocal game and I don’t think there is any other footballer that deserved those successes more than him. Personally, it has been an absolute pleasure to read a tap off your hand every once and a while and feel like ‘Chris Judd’ for a split second (thanks to you and not my footballing ability or pace).

I wish you all the best this weekend and hopefully there is another A Grade premiership photo like the one below for us to share at the end of this season mate!


  • He joins just 6 players who have played 250 games or more for SKOB in the Clubs 71 year history.

  • Plugger is now in his 16th continuous season with SKOB, having started in2003 while still at SKC where he captained the First XVIII team, under Coach Stuey Powell

  • After playing a total of 17 U19 games and 3 Reserve games in his first 3 seasons with SKOB, Plugger has now played only senior games since 2006, with his senior games tally now standing at 230. Only Marcus Dollman (252) has played more Senior games for SKOB.

  • Along the way, Plugger has won the Senior B & F Award twice (2010 & 2013) and was Runner-Up in 2008

  • His total goals tally now stands at 245. A lazy 5 goals on Saturday would round things off very nicely!!

  • Plugger has captained the Club since 2011 so this is his 8th season in that role. He shared the captaincy with Benny Dowd in 2011 & 2012 and with Nick Wood in 2017 & 2018

  • Plugger was Premiership Captain in 2015 (B Grade) and 2017 (A Grade)

  • He has played VAFA Representative football for 5 seasons, including Captaincy of the B – Div 4 team in 2013 and 2015 and was awarded ‘Best on Ground’ for the Senior Big V game in 2017 against AFL Vic Country.

  • Plugger was awarded SKOBFC Life Membership in 2015

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