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Je ne Righetti ne rien - Saints get two crucial wins

The SKOB saints Blue and Gold both tasted victory at Old Rigret on Saturday against Fitzroy - despite the at times horrendous weather conditions. Here are the match reports.

*** Round 12 GOLD Review*** … in the dying moments, Anthony McDonald Tipungwuti, who was indeed playing footy, I hope you brought your mum, brought your kids, brought your Nan to the footy because Anthony McDonald Tipungwuti was playing footy, as he snapped a blinder to see the mighty Bombers reign supreme.

Earlier in the day, the SKOB’s arrived at the inner eastern suburb’s home of sport, Spaghetti Oval, for the clash of the titans, in the round one rematch with Fitzory Football Club (minus their theme song as they entered the field of play). Jane Bunn once again practiced her dark art, with the girls watching from the comfort of their hooded jumpers, while the Blues ran out to commence the second half of their game in what must have rivalled some of Australia’s biggest Cyclones. But with Cyclone Righetti clearing, business was discussed. In a pre-game chat that had a distinct lack of any of a razor blade puns, Tommy set the mood for the day, a day which would see Rach Gillett celebrate her 50 th appearance for the club. Among the changes from last week, Sophie Straford made her long-awaited return, albeit not in the number 53.

After the girls ran through the “50 Games for Razor Rach Gillett She Is The Best A Team Can Get” banner, they would be kicking to the left of screen to the city end. Lightfoot Wedgewood set the scene early for her day, as she showed everyone how it’s done, dancing around many after a picking up the ball at pace, before delivering deep kick to the Saints advantage. A fairly uneventful first quarter on the scoreboard saw the team come in 3 points to 0 at the break.

Second quarter things started to slowly come together, albeit with room for improvement. Some good tagging work from Stoltz and Mendel kept one of their dangerous players at bay as the mids started to impact on the game. Set Shot Sarah Cameron, broke character to kick a goal on the run, opening the goal scoring for the Saints. Moments later, the pack busting Gleeson would read the play better than Stephen Fry reads any of the Harry Potter novels, and added the team’s second before the major break. Saints up 2.1 to 0.3 at the break, after some strong defending from the usual suspects, Skaz (in my head SKAZ is like Cher, does not have a last name), Mach3 Gillette, Brittan, Sully, Long kick Hodgetts and Nichols kept the ‘Roys to zero for the quarter.

The start of the second half would see a more controlled, albeit inaccurate quarter from the Saints. ‘Set Shot’ Sarah Cameron, did just that, for the one major of the term, as impact play was occurring around the ground. Illa “The Impact” Taylor, kept attacking the ball, 2, 3, 4 times in a play, as Hynes dominated all around the ground, making the most of her agility as the game went on. Doyle continued her dominance as the league’s number one tackler, despite spending 4 hours in a heated pool prior to the game. The crew from Brunswick Street did manage to trouble the scorers, with a fairly handy on the run goal. Saints up 3.5 to 1.3 at the end of the third.

The forward line coach was hungry for more majors and asked for nothing but dominance in the fourth, requesting 3 goals. Just to wipe that smug look off his face, the girls delivered

four. Set Shot Sarah Cameron continued to live up to her name, slotting two in the final quarter, enjoying the walk back after marking strongly to kick her fourth. Meanwhile Gleeson and Cropley took some inspiration from the likes of Megan Rapinoe and decided picking up the ball was just a luxury that would slow the goal scoring process down, opting for the world game style of scoring, minus the elaborate celebrations, much to the crowd’s disappointment.

A strong second half for team, saw them run out 7.5 to 1.4 and get an important 4 points. With only two games to go, the ladder is still a long way from finalised. Surely there is likely to be yet another “this week is their or our grand final” line from Tommy and to be fair, it won’t be far from the truth, albeit without the silverware at the end of the game. Look after your body and mind, get an extra kick, keep enjoying the game and looking after eachother. Go team.

Goals: S. Cameron 4, M. Gleeson 2, G. Cropley Best: S. Cameron, A. Hynes, B. Doyle, I. Taylor, E. Wedgwood, T. Nichols

Saints Blue v Fitzroy – Match Review

After a few weeks in Hawaii and a bye weekend, it felt like an entirety since this scribe had been at a Saints Blue game – although Fiorentini doubted the Hawaii claims due to the lack of a tan on the coach – be sun smart ladies. Our opponent this weekend was Fitzroy, and in my humble opinion, they have the best uniform outside of the tri hoops of SKOB, and given the distain I hold for most opposition teams, that is high praise.

Our pre-match preparation saw all the players and coaches wear orange ribbons to support our SKOB Saints Sister Kira’s grandpa as he battles terminal cancer - we are all here to support you Kira. The address prior to the match spoke of limestone bricks and how on their own, they are pretty unimpressive, however combine a number of bricks together and you have the pyramids – next week the girls will complete Lego to really ensure they understand the metaphor of small things combining to make something big and impressive.

The SPC Baked Beans and Spaghetti Rhigetti Oval (thanks Oli, some of your best) had a strong 4 goal wind blowing down to the change room end, Fitzroy chose to kick with the wind in the first quarter and the Saints were instructed to play the game on the ‘Grand Stand Side’ (pending council approval, planning and overall funding – actually the side that features 12 x $8.99 white plastic Bunnings chairs). Fitzroy started well and used the strong breeze to advantage as they entered their forward line, Gregor was having none of it and punched the ball away in an early candidate for the golden fist. The Lowe sisters tackling with that fierce ferocity that their family is famous for. Viti and Thurman were working hard in defence and then pushing the ball forward. The Blues had welcomed back Crawford, a World Wide Wrestling Champion and much loved player, and she showed impact early as she scooped the ball up on the wing and shrugged off two would be tacklers and kicked the ball forward to Thurman and then on to Captain/Birthday Girl Patto who had found herself in space, and the Blues were able to score a point against the strong wind. Betts, Ruby was dominating across half back, putting in some early numbers for the weekly Tic-Tac Tackler award. Sadly as the quarter ended, Viti went down with an injured knee and wouldn’t return for the game. Quarter time SKOB Saints 0.1-1 v Fitzroy 0.3-3, all in all a very positive quarter given the wind.

The midfield started to gain the ascendancy in the second quarter, Contaxis was rucking well, and Snell, Betts, Jacka and Toohey were enjoying first use of the ball and kicking long to the forward line. McDonough, who was unlucky not to be named in the golds (did they say Catie or Maggie?), with Augustes, Murray, McIntosh and Tipping working hard to score or keep the ball in the forward half of the ground. The pressure was building but the Saints couldn’t convert, suddenly Tipping took a great mark from a Fitzroy kick out, not content with her mark, she sprinted on – heading to the boundary to make the angle tighter – and then proceeded to kick the best goal of the season so far. Warwick, who is the niece of club legend John Fogarty, was playing off a half back and attacked the football kicking long into the forward line, Harman collected and kicked forward and Patto was able to kick the Saints second – Happy Birthday Patto. Nearing the end of the half, McDonough won a free kick right on the boundary, 30 metres out, starting the ball out wide, it stayed out wide and went out on the full, with one coach heard to say ‘Maggie would have kicked it’. The Saints had all the play and were in charge of the game at half time SKOB Saints 2.4-16 v Fitzroy 0.3-3.

As the third quarter was about to begin, the wind died down and the heavens opened delivering heavy rain and hail. Snell and Jacka love these conditions and their tackle count went sky high. Tipping not one to miss out on a fierce contest took a whack to the nose, as Claire come off to be met by the trainer, she was heard saying ‘ I thought it was blood, but it turned out to be snot’. A couple of Kleenex later and Tipping was back out there. The Saints pushed on in hard conditions for football, Murray was working hard with limited opportunities and Patto again was the recipient of a wet footy bounce and couldn’t convert. Gregor had moved forward and was providing a great contest for Harman and Augustes to work with. In tough conditions the ball resembled a 4tone bar of soap and each team managed only a behind each, Three Quarter time SKOB Saints 2.5-17 v Fitzroy 0.4-4.

As the final quarter started; the hurricane had passed, the girls were reminded of the limestones coming together to form a pyramid, and of Patto’s birthday – soon we were all dreaming of cake, that may have just been the coach. The girls smelled cake, and also victory and pushed hard for the goal that would seal a win. Augustes was playing with confidence, collected the ball and ran into the forward line space, going for a bounce, Steph had temporarily forgotten the previous 20 minutes of rain and the ball trickled along. Steph regained possession and snapped the ball forward; Patto, Tipping, McDonough and Murray were working hard to convert the goal – several attempted kicks were had and a Fitzroy wall of players repealed the attacks. The coach remarked; ‘How was that not goal?’ to which a dead panned McIntosh replied ‘Because it didn’t go through the big sticks’ (possibly followed by an under the breath ‘you idiot!’ Fair call Tess. The Saints had all the play and Bland, Fiorentini, Warwick, Lowe and Lowe had little to do other than try and keep warm. Sarah Betts at the other end burst through the pack and kicked a long ball forward as the Saints were keen to add to the lead. Thurman took note of the example and followed suit, kicking long, only for a Shane Warne type bounce to turn the ball from goals. The siren sounded and the Saints had won, final score SKOB Saints 2.7-19 v Fitzroy 0.4-4.

Happily we were able to sing two songs and have birthday cake – importantly, the Saints Blue have secured their ability to play finals with that win – congratulations ladies!!! Goals: Tipping, Pattison Best: Crawford, Snell, Thurman, Toohey, Betts. R, Tipping

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