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De La produce the goods, Saints prepare for finals.

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

De La Salle caused a boilover at Waverly Oval in William Buck Premier Division defeating reigning premiers St Kevin’s by 81 points in a dominant four-quarter display. The home side dominated from the outset and piled on seven unanswered goals in the first term before running out the game with 13 to seven thereafter. Despite a disappointing day, SKOB finished strongly with four goals to one in the final term. Lachlan Walker and Michael Griechen kicked three goals each for De La, while Antony Forato and Brendan Close led the way through the midfield. Both Lachlan and Andrew Walker were influential throughout the day. Mitch Brown fought hard for SKOB, but it was a tough day as they missed players the ilk of Nick Wood, James Strauss, Lachlan Sullivan, Tom Jok, Sam Barnett and Jack Holden. De La now sit in sixth spot and a game clear of relegation territory.

Overall it was a disappointing round of football for the tri-colours. Our Masters continue to shine, defeating Hillside y 40 points in Dave 'Shark' Makohon's milestone match. The Master sit atop of the Central Supers ladder with one round remaining.

On a brighter note, the SKOB Saints will contest the first semi final against Kew on Saturday after finishing fourth at the end of the home and away season.

There's plenty happening in the coming weeks, including the upcoming Business Breakfast and Hom Game Luncheon. See the President's report below for all the latest news.



It was a tough round of football for SKOB. Seniors, seconds, Thirds Green, both Saints and U19 Premier had losses (while the 19 (3) had a forfeit). The Masters had a good win, Thirds Gold got up (against the Green’s) and the U19 Reserves side had a strong win too.

Finals are here!!

This weekend is the first week of finals for the Saints. Our Premier team play Kew on Saturday at Victoria Park in Kew at 9.30.

It is a great credit to the group that they have made finals in what is a very strong competition. Please show your support and get along to the game. 


Thanks to everyone who helped out last weekend in any capacity. Particularly, thanks to Gerard Gleeson – running water for the Saints on Sunday … he is a very good brother to Margaret!

John Gilham for help on Thursday nights – anything from putting some chairs away or assisting with dinner. You help is greatly appreciated.

Jim Gleeson for assistance whenever needed – particularly in regard to club apparel this year. Thanks Jim.

Above and Beyond – Jon Taylor (Coach U19 Premier)

Not only did he coach on Saturday, due to lack of support - Jon was also running water on Saturday in the Premier U19’s game against  Beaumaris at THK. With a depleted team (and six U19 Reserves players backing up from their earlier game) Jon did a tremendous job encouraging and managing the team. The result went against the boys but the attitude and good grace in defeat was exemplary.


Thanks to those who played two games on Saturday to assist other sides. U19’s who played in the Reserves and Premier team: Jack Davidson, Tom Cooper, Tom Andriske, Dom Holden, Jackson Doyle and Ed Bourke. While in the Thirds Gold Troy McMaster played for the Thirds and Seconds. Great work.

Respect for Umpires

A brief reminder on the expectation the club has of everyone’s behaviour on game day. Whether you are a player or spectator – there is no place for abusing umpires at SKOB. We have enough trouble finding umpires without people abusing (and discouraging) the ones we have. The facts are that without the umpire – we do not have a game and no amount of “advice” is going to change an umpires decision.

Upcoming events:

Business Breakfast: August 8. Wayne Schwass and Paul Roos talk about Health and Wellness.

Watch the following interview with Wayne on mental health for some context on this critical topic:

SPONSORED BY MERCEDES BENZ TOORAK - an invitation is extended to all of the SKOBFC Community to our annual business breakfast.

This year to be held at Mercedes Benz Toorak (11 Carters Ave, Toorak – just off the Toorak Village). Come along and meet a variety of SKOB leaders, coaches, players, sponsors and supporters of the SKOBFC community. Guest Speakers are Wayne Schwass and Paul Roos talking about health and wellness.

Please note that this breakfast is complimentary to SKOBFC Weeping Willows $1000 and $500 coterie members. For Weeping Willows $200 members the cost is $30.

With the importance of the issue and calibre of our speakers we need to make sure this event is well supported. Please get behind it. Consider taking a business associate or client. It will be a great event.

Jellis Craig Cup - Home Game Luncheon

Jellis Craig Cup day sponsored by Liston Newton Advisory: 11 August at TH King.


Old Trinity went a game and a half clear inside the top four with a comprehensive 75-point victory over Old Brighton at Brighton Beach Oval. Both sides remain third and fourth on the ladder.

Old Melburnians snapped a five-game losing streak with a hard-fought & much-needed 10-point win over St Bedes/Mentone Tigers at Elsternwick Park. OMs climb from ninth to seventh.

Old Xaverians registered a crucial eight-point victory over Uni Blues and climbed to fifth spot on the William Buck Premier ladder. The Blues now plummet from fifth into eighth spot on the ladder, just half a game above Scotch in ninth.

Collegians strengthened their position at the top of the William Buck Premier ladder with a 27-point victory over Old Scotch at Camberwell Sports Ground. The Cardinals now fall back into ninth spot on the ladder, while the Lions are a game clear at the top.


Melbourne University had an important warm-up to finals as they solidified top spot with a 19-point victory over SKOB Saints. SKOB actually had one more scoring shot than the Mugars yet managed only a score of 11, with Melbourne Uni sitting on 30 points; kicking 5 goals straight. There were only 4 points separating the two sides at half time; however, Melbourne Uni always finish off strongly on their home turf, noticeably so in the end, comfortably edging past their opposition. Leah Caluzzi and Sian Wilson were instrumental, with 22 and 21 possessions and a goal each respectively, while Mietta McDonald, Taylor Hunt and Matilda Myers all performed well in their side’s victory. SKOB’s Bree Doyle and Margaret Gleeson were amongst their side’s best with 21 and 19 touches respectively, while Catherine McBeth-Jephcott and Georgia Cropley impressed for SKO

Goal Kicker: E. Straford

Best Players: C. McBeth Jephcott, G. Cropley, E. Straford, A. Hynes, E. Hodgetts, B. Doyle


SKOBBER Tom Jok continues to impress at VFL level with the Collingwood Reserves, the tall utility soaring above the pack in the defensive half to pull down this screamer.

Tom was names the Magpies third best player in its gritty 8 point win over the Kangaroos.

I'm sure the coaches at SKOB would like to see Jok back in SKOB colours as soon as possible.


SKOB Saints will make their second successive finals appearance, taking on Kew AFC at Victoria Park on Saturday August 4th.

SKOB took the honours in a low scoring match in Round 7, defeating Kew by 2 points. In Round 12 Kew was terrific across all four quarters, easily accounting for the Saints by 39 points.

First bounce is at 9:30am. We encourage all SKOBBERS to get down to Vic Park and support the Saints! GO SAINTS


By David “Shark” Makohon

Football in winter can bring with it some pearler afternoons with sunshine, big crowds, and a great deck or you can have some days when it’s hailing sideways, blowing harder than Barnacles Bluff with a dirt track looking more like Mumbai than Melbourne. Round 9 SKOB Masters’ was the latter however what did warm the hearts of SKOB was the chance to continue our charge towards finals and celebrate SKOB’s

own Shark Dave Makohon’s 150th game at Shark Park against the Hillside Sharks. All we needed were flags, some fins, and spectators showing some skin and the Jaws feeding frenzy was complete!

SKOB welcomed back the Grandmaster Flash Lucas who obviously was sick of the sunshine and zumba up north, Knick Knack Parry Whack Mac, Razor Ray and Chicken Pagmanitza who were all massive ins. Rock had handed the coaching reins to SOC who was without his trademark visor but did bring his passion, direction and focus to inspire the team pre-game. The twin towers of footy managers John Lime Cordial Murray and Frank the Tank Marcha had SKOB settled before the bounce and the quality tunes from the Shark boom box had the charges revved up with some Rage Against the Hillside Machine and ready to pounce on the home team. Skipper for the day was the milestone man and proving that tails never fails SKOB won the toss and learning from Cotchin’s 2014 elimination decision chose to go with the Brendon Gale wind in the first.

The game started with SKOB’s tenacious attack on the pill scattering the Sharks, the forwards were disciplined keeping the 50 open and this led to a mark and straight kick from You’re the Voice Joyce to open up the account. Razor Ray was making up for lost time with some silver service to the on-ball brigade out of the guts and he wasn’t let down with Delicious Dancing Rick and Rigatoni Sheehy clearing it out of the centre and driving SKOB forward. Jesse I’ll kick Seven was presenting well and busting a few Hillside packs open and was rewarded with a strong mark and neat finish midway through the quarter. The Masters had listened to Coach SOC and were playing within the centre square flags making sure they weren’t sucked out wide by the home team. Hillside did wrestle back some momentum with some forward forays but Joel “It’s all” Goddes was providing some quality dukes in the tough conditions and Wayne’s World Cornell was providing the rebound from the back to spring board the next assault. This led to another goal due to some quality aerial work from Silverfox Joyce who kicked truly and opened up a 3-goal lead at the first break.

The second term instructions were clear from SOC into the wind hug the boundary, run, tackle tough and take your time. This led to a battle of attrition as the game slowed down and was fought out along the wing with countless ball ins, kick outs and a spectacle about as entertaining as watching the grass grow on the Hillside dirt track. SKOB’s team discipline choked up Hillside and prevented their use of the corridor. Highlights for the quarter was the tough in and under work of the Human Chicken Parmanitza who was made for conditions like this as he continually buried himself under the packs and thwarted Hillside’s delivery into their forward line. Meataxe Strauss was providing more fists than a Metallica encore making those Shark entries toothless and was ably supported by the Ministers of Defence House of Strauss, Rock Cornell and Michelin Man Fabulous Phil with his wetsuit top providing adequate shelter from the wild weather. As the siren for the first half sounded so did a breath of relief as Hillside’s dominance of the quarter only resulted in one goal however their bucket load of points had SKOB up by a goal at the main break.

The Twin Pillars of Football Management Perfection had the orange cordial and party mix providing sustenance to the team. SOC implored SKOB to own the corridor, kick straight and put the game out of the equation in the premiership quarter. J Mac started the quarter on a mission with his tap work putting it down the throat of Nick Poups Marcha and Maddawg Morls and this resulted in Uncle Chop Chop Harley kicking the first of the second half. Hillside surprised SKOB with an instant answer by kicking the first goal against the wind all day and put SKOB on the back foot. However just like a savage Damien Martyn short cut SKOB whipped it through the guts from the centre square with Chicken Pagnanitza in the thick of it handing it off to Poups Marcha who kicked truly. Franky Four Fingers was busting through the forward line like the sunshine and this led to a Maddawg Morls goal to give SKOB a decent buffer. GMF Lucas had pinged the string as the mid-year zumba high intensity workload took its toll reducing SKOB’s potency however Dancing and Chicha took up the slack to cover the big loss. The backline was letting nothing through with It’s all Goddes continuing to show some clean hands in the conditions and releasing the pressure through Sucos Marcha and Kamakamakalaseran who were both running all over the hapless Sharks through the middle. The game started to open up as Knick Knack Parry Mac owned the wings and not letting Hillside rebound. Razor Ray marked from one of the home team’s errant kicks and handballed to the milestone man however there is a reason why Sharknado is a backman with a kick off the side of the boot not providing the fairy-tale the crowd were after! SKOB went into the last break 4 goals up with the home team seemingly still a chance to take this out.

SKOB gave themselves a challenge of outscoring Hillside in the last and they started in great fashion with the wetsuit warrior Shutdown getting busy in the forward line and kicking straight to start the quarter. The away team were spread all over Shark Park like a plague of stingrays and driving the lead home and they weren’t let down by the forwards with Jesse Seven Heaven and Dukes Joyce continually providing options. Hillside were trying to lift but Sharknado was tenacious in his tackling on the wing taking down two sharks in a feeding frenzy reminiscent of the world’s most fatal shark attack from the USS Indianapolis in 1945. Suffice to say the frenzy shut down Hillside hopes of a late comeback. The away team finished full of run and outscored their opponents by 3 goals against the wind and kept them goalless to cement a top team display. The final siren sounded with a 7-goal win putting SKOB 1 game clear on top with a game to go before the finals start up. With a few players to come back everyone is encouraged to attend training next week as the preparation for a great campaign heats up!


SKOB MASTERS    3.1   3.1   6.4   9.6.60

HILLSIDE                 0.1  1.7    2.7   2.8.20

Goal Kickers: Tim Joyce 3, Rick Caldow, James Harley, Nick Marchesani, Chris Morley, Jesse Seven, David Sheehy

Best Players: Richard Campagna, Rick Caldow, Joel Godde, Jesse Seven, Tim Joyce, David Makohon

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